Digital Pakistan Policy 2021 will aid Pakistan’s digital transformation to improve its citizens’ quality of life and economic well-being by ensuring availability of modern, affordable and reliable digital services. MoITT has successfully conducted Digital Pakistan Policy Roundtable Sessions at Lahore on 24th March,2021 and at Karachi on 26th March, 2021 where subject area experts representing various public and private organizations participated and provided their valuable feedback.

MoITT believes in an inclusive approach for effective policy, therefore, Civil Society, Private Sector and Public at large are invited to participate in online discussion sessions to provide feedback so that the policy draft is updated in the best interests of citizens of Pakistan.

Kindly submit the following form by 9th May, 2021 if you wish to participate in the invite-only online-sessions consisting of select number of subject experts on the strategic pillars of the Digital Pakistan Policy 2021.

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For your reference, Digital Pakistan Policy (2018) can be downloaded from this link

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